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Precautions for transportation and use of marble platform

2022-03-23 16:57:07
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The material of the marble platform determines that the marble platform cannot be collided by external forces. The collision by external forces is easy to produce corners and scratches, which may seriously affect the accuracy of the marble platform and make it unusable. So how to protect the marble platform from damage during transportation? How to avoid the damage to the marble platform during transportation? Let's introduce it to you

I. marble platform packaging: wooden packaging shall be adopted for marble platform packaging, which shall be wrapped with foam pad or filled with foam before packaging

II. Choice of transportation company: generally, we will choose the transfer mode to transport the marble platform, from Botou to Cangzhou, and then from Cangzhou to the customer's local (i.e. three transfers). The fewer the transfer times, the better for the marble platform. Logistics companies such as Debang and Jiaji have stations all over China, but too many transit times are easy to cause product damage

precautions for the use of marble platform:

1. Before the use of marble platform. Confirm the commissioning level of the marble platform, and then wipe dry and polish it with a clean soft cloth (or wipe the board surface with a sticky alcohol cotton cloth). Keep the marble flat table clean to prevent affecting the measurement accuracy

2. The workpiece shall be placed on the marble platform slowly. When the marble platform is used. Avoid the impact of Dali platform, resulting in the deformation and damage of the platform

3. The weight of the workpiece shall not exceed the rated load of the plate, otherwise the working quality will be reduced, and the structure of the plate may be damaged, resulting in the deformation of the plate and can not be used

4. In the process of use, the workpieces on the marble platform should be handled with care, and the rough workpieces should not be moved on the platform to avoid bumping, scratching and other damage to the surface of the platform

5. Place the workpiece to be measured and relevant measuring tools on the flat plate for 35 minutes, and measure after the temperature is adapted

6. After use, in order to prevent the overall deformation of the marble platform, remove the workpiece from the platform to avoid the deformation of the marble platform caused by the heavy pressure of the workpiece on the marble plate for a long time. At the same time, clean up the sundries that may be left on it after each use; Wipe the board surface clean (it can be cleaned with neutral detergent) and cover the protective cover

7. The platform shall be cleaned in real time, and the marble platform shall not be used. Then apply a layer of antirust oil on the surface of the platform and all steel parts on the surface, cover it with antirust paper and cover it with the outer package of the marble platform to prevent damage to the marble plate

8. The marble platform should be placed in a dry and ventilated environment with low noise, less dust, no vibration, stable temperature

9. When repeatedly measuring the accuracy of the same workpiece, it should be selected in the same period when the temperature is stable

10. Do not place other objects on the marble platform, and do not knock or collide with the marble platform

11. When moving the marble platform position, it is necessary to re adjust the levelness